Luxury Travel Companionship

Luxury travel companionship offers a different type of service, made for high-class clients who need someone to accompany them on boat regattas around Monaco, exclusive ski trips in Aspen, Colorado, or the six-star hotel in Dubai. Unfortunately, having a regular travel companion along for the ride is not enough, which has created a need for a high-class, luxury travel companions. These types always dresses in the best linens, have expensive wardrobes, know how to carry themselves in high-end settings, and will keep your business dealings private. They are the luxury travel companions who charge a high price for escorting services.

Cure Loneliness

Psychological studies show that loneliness can have detrimental consequences on health, powerful enough to kill an individual, literally. Imagine taking long bus rides or plane trips alone. How about parasailing on a yacht by yourself? Or visit the Full Moon Party without friends. Travel companions can cure loneliness and increase your social capacity, if you are naturally a shy person helping you break out of that shell.

Senior Travel Companions

There are many companies that offer senior travel companion services. Some senior citizens love to explore the world too and may need someone to accompany them during these visits. A caretaker might not want to do this type of work, therefore the senior citizen seeks companionship of a professional who will help them get on the plane with a wheelchair, take care of their basic necessities, and do trip planning for them. Some companions are even required to have nursing credentials and CPR training to help with medical emergencies.

Characteristics You Should Look For When Hiring A Travel Companion

Now that you have all this great information about travel companion services, here are some characteristics you should look for when choosing one.

A Passion For Traveling – It is preferable the travel companion has the same travel passions as you, meaning if you like Iceland then they should want to visit Iceland too, and very excited to go. You will be wasting your time with someone who is not as passionate as you about visiting a certain place because that dull energy will affect the trip.

A Sense of Understanding – You want a travel companion who is alert and has a sense of direction. They need to know where they are going, how to read maps, and even know the local language to ask the right questions.